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Aug 16

That’s maybe the second most difficult thing in software development, especially when you are in a collaborative project. You might aim too high or too low, and it is difficult to have a balance.

This “project” as mentioned started some years ago, with no fixed timeline, no goals. It was just a nice way to contribute to the community and to learn some more wxWidgets. Something like MrMTgui.

After some discussions I think we found a balancing point, a first idea of what to expect. We will probably settle to:

  •  cut sequences (single and multiple)
  • change sequence titles (also in batches)
  • merge sequences from different fasta files
  • split multifasta in unique files
  • reverse complement
  • DNA translation/transcription
  • find motifs (defined patterns)
  • convert fasta format to GenBank, Phylip and Nexus

and we will build from that.

2 Responses to “Setting goals”

  1. algorithmancer Says:

    Some basic sequence statistics could also be nice, don´t you think? Like GC%, amount of T, C, etc.
    It could generate plots, or provide coordinates for inputting to, say, MS Excel or gnuplot.
    Hope any of these ideas is of use. A FASTA manipulation program sure is handy for computer-phobic fellows.

  2. nuin Says:


    I think this is a nice idea and we hope to include such features too.


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