Aug 16

That’s maybe the second most difficult thing in software development, especially when you are in a collaborative project. You might aim too high or too low, and it is difficult to have a balance.

This “project” as mentioned started some years ago, with no fixed timeline, no goals. It was just a nice way to contribute to the community and to learn some more wxWidgets. Something like MrMTgui.

After some discussions I think we found a balancing point, a first idea of what to expect. We will probably settle to:

  • ┬ácut sequences (single and multiple)
  • change sequence titles (also in batches)
  • merge sequences from different fasta files
  • split multifasta in unique files
  • reverse complement
  • DNA translation/transcription
  • find motifs (defined patterns)
  • convert fasta format to GenBank, Phylip and Nexus

and we will build from that.

Aug 15

InFasta C++ version screenshot

Aug 15

I created a forum page, if you want to discuss InFasta.

Aug 15

InFasta is an old project, which started just before I left McMaster a couple of years ago. It is registered on sourceforge and if you want to check the program just click here.

The interface is very poor, and not many features are included. I plan to replace the old version with a new improved Python/wxPython combo.

Aug 14

This is my first attempt on Open Science and this diary will store all the ups and downs of the process. InFasta is a software idea I had a couple of years ago, a open-source program that would do whatever you want to a FASTA file (or multiple files).

It started as a C++/wxWidgets package, but time run out of me and I haven’t been able to continue developing it. Now it will resurface as a Python/wxPython cross-platform application, fully open source. This time I will have Keith Hughitt along the way, and we are going to prove (or not) if Python has batteries included.

We already decided some of the functionality but to make this as actual Open Science project, the community input is more than desired. We don’t think we will publish it, but have the intention to create a lightweight cross-platform open-source package that can be useful for at least on researcher out there.