Sep 19

The proposed use cases were agreed upon. Now it is time to generate the UMLs and mockups for the interface. Ian created an interesting concept that can be seen here.

Giovanni also added some extra use cases that certainly will enrich the program and can be easily added.

Use case 10: GC and other bases composition
Primary Actor: user
Trigger: user clicks on ‘GC composition’ in the ‘features’ or ‘properties’ or ‘color’ menu

Basic course: user click the option and the sequence is colorated according to the GC composition.
I’m thinking about something similar to the rasmol – color {structure, temperature, …} function.

Alternate course: by default, the sequence is colored in black.
Use case 11: blast sequence
Primary actor: user
Trigger: user clicks on ‘blast’ option in one of the menu, and selects custom parameters.

Basic course: user clicks on the ‘blast’ button and a small selection menu appears.
Here, he can choose which database and parameters to use.
Then, the sequence is blasted using the ncbi-blast eutils and a report with the results is shown on the screen.

Alternate course: internet connection is not available and an error is shown.